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Business Management

We provide business management services for investors and business owners depend on your need. The management fees vary on your budget and business industry. 

There are two types of business management that you may consider:

1. Partial management: the business owners mainly run the day-to-day operation and make all decisions in the business, we will help support accounting, tax, payrolls, business licenses, state licenses, and business consultants. 

2. Full management: the business owner is an absentee owner or passive income owner. We manage and run the business. Our management firm will list as the manager or director of the business and own common shares in the business depend on the management agreement. 

The management industry that we are currently engaged in:

1. Food & Restaurant 

2. Retail Store 

3. Human Resource and Employment 

4. Professional Consultant

5. Healthcare 

6. Education 

7. Real Estate 

8. Import/Export 

9. Distributor/Manufacturer

For the overseas investors that would like to obtain an E-2 visa or EB-5 green card, our immigrant consultant from AEC USA will assist you from the beginning of the process.

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